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The Haphazard List of Useful, Fun, Cool Websites: My Favorites Part 1

useful, fun, cool websites

This week I am attending BNI Leadership training in my area. I’m a huge advocate for training, educations and knowledge. Having the opportunity to give back and at the same time increase my knowledge makes me happy. With that in mind, this weeks blog is going to be a simple compilation of my favorite useful, fun, cool websites and a couple of mobile apps thrown in there.

useful, fun, cool websites

Is there a rhyme or reason to this list. I have found these sites useful, fun and sometime just really cool to look at. Check them out. Did I put one of your favorites here?

And away we go…

lifehacker logo

Lifehacker offers tips and downloads for getting things done. Life hacks. Most articles are short and to the point and packed with valuable content. Check couple articles that I found interesting or useful.  Lastly, check out their menu of Related Blogs and Blogs You Might Like.

pinterest logo

Pinterest offers creative ideas to discover and save. Pinterest has been one of my favorite tools, since I was introduced to it. It has given me a creative outlet for things that have nothing to do with my business, but at the same time, the resources available via Pinterest cover just about every topic. Pinterest has become the bloggers visual media outlet. Even men get in on this action. Check out my boards. Lastly, check out these articles on a multitude of topics that have nothing to do with DIY, craftee or artistee stuff.

Social media strategies
Small business marketing

flipboard logo

Flipboard offers a personal digital magazine. I originally found Flipboard as a Mobile app,later they added a desktop version. Initially, I used Flipboard as another source for access to articles that I was interested in and still do access it for that. Ultimately I added a digital magazine for my business, CustomGrowthGroup.


design seed logo

Design Seeds celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living.  I use this source to find colors that go together. This has been incredible useful in designing my website and advertising materials. Plus it’s just a really cool website.

Astronomy Image of the Day – Discover the cosmos, each day a different image. Thanks to a friend that introduced me to this website. Nothing is better than looking up into the cosmos. Makes me realize how small our world really is.

sendoutcard logo

SendOutCards*(af) create photo cards online that are mailed via USPS for you. I use SendOutCards to build relationships with my clients, it adds a few more touch points that helps me with customer acquisitions and retention. Want to learn more about how I work with clients to help them do this, contact me.

teefury logo

Teefury affordable nerdy, pop culture t-shirts. My brother introduced this website. My favorite things about this website are the mash-ups.

Follow Your Fate
Coldest in the Galaxy
Time-Travels Club- Hill Valley

Shoefury, check out Teefury’s sub catergory for shoes and leggings.

bni 30 years logo

BNI – Business Networking International. As I continue to grow my business BNI and all it’s resources continues to be my go to source for referals, educations and leadership. If you live in the Greater Midsouth area, check out our regional website. BNI can be found in over 45 countries, find one near you.

Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.

*(af) Some affiliate links are used in this blog. What that means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission from purchases you may make. Disclosure Page.