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Traffic and Income Report 1st Quarter 2015

traffic and income report

traffic and income reportOne of my favorite type of blogs to read are traffic and income report by established bloggers. My best recall, my first introduction to traffic & income reports was finding Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. He writes about monetizing blogs, plus has several niche website. It blows me away at how much some bloggers are making.

The other source was surprisingly, Pinterest. Do a search for traffic & income reports on the Pinterest website. It was interesting to read of the different ways others monetize their blogs. With multitude ways to monetize, there will be several perfect for your website.

I have previously written a blog on transparency. I will be continuing with this direction with my very first traffic and income blog.



    1. Setting the Baseline – What I did the previous time period
    2. Making Strides? – What I did this quarter
    3. What Happened – What didn’t work or needs tweaking
    4. What’s Next? – Identify trouble areas and new areas to make changes

In Jan I set a goal of monetizing my blogs during 2015. I have been working toward this goal, for awhile now. When I made the decision to blog, I did my due diligence and researched this to gain knowledge, as to be prepared. Several articles, that discussed how to get started blogging and best practices of an exceptional blogger, rose to the top. Amy Lynn Andrews was my bible as I started my blogging career.

In each of those first blogs, recommended taking a couple of years to find my voice and refine my writing skill. Indeed the original format I envision prove to be time intensive, ultimately taking to long to accomplish. Check out my first video. What I found, was that the process of writing my thoughts, was profoundly satisfying. I still love to speak and hope to incorporate videos into future blogs.

In the last quarter of last year, I was reviewing my goals for 2014 and looking into 2015. I felt I was ready to start monetizing my website, but I knew I needed to increase my website visits and newsletter sign ups. At this point they were dismal.


Setting the Baseline:

Traffic sources and Sessions in Fourth Quarter 2014

cgg 4th quarter sessions CGG traffic sources 4th qu 2014


Again I went back to already established experts and read several blogs on increasing traffic on websites. Couple of these tips outshone the others for me. These items are what I have been concentrating on to grow my traffic


Making Strides?

    1. Write excellent content: – with the multitude of content available, content must be better than good, it must be excellent.

        • I started a journey to 10,000 hours of writing to improve my skills. This includes writing my blogs, journaling, writing short stories, poetry, whatever strikes my fancy for my 10,000 hours.
        • I began using editor tools and resources, such as Paperrater, Thesaurus, and I am trading services with another business women for editing services.

    1. Share, Share, Share: Your content: – establish a consistent content distribution of both new content and past content.

        • New content – Prior to first quarter, new content was showing up on Facebook on a regular basis. In the first quarter, I added Twitter, Linkedin & Google+, sharing new content via status updates to these social media platforms on a regular basis.

            1. Scheduling post – I began scheduling my post with a service called Buffer. I added Buffer ‘pin it style’ button to my Chrome browser and added it to my website as a Social Media share button.
            1. Delivering new content – I checked out a several services that automatically deliver your new content to your preferred social media platforms. These were Buffer,,, and Zapier. I ultimately decided I wanted control over what information was going out. On Buffer you decided on the content of the status update.

        • Old content – In the 1st quarter I set up two plugins for distributing previous blogs.

            1. Yuzo Related Post – Adds post at end of blog. I particularly like that it shows the number of views that a post is getting.  The number is a reflection of how often that related post is seen on your website. There are several content control features.
            1. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster – This plugin, will re-post your past content to social media. Turned on Facebook first. I have yet to turn on any other social media, though it is my intention too.

    1. Share, Share, Share: Other’s content: – not just anyone, find those thought leaders and influencers in your niche and share their content.

        • Find influencers and authorities and connect with them; also consider who is following them and connect with those people.

            1. Sharing other people’s blog content and commenting: This is an excellent way to grow visibility with the community.

        • Using services that help you find content that is an interest to those in your community.

            1. – I originally considered this for my new content, however I ended up using it to increase my social media presence.

        • How often: It really varies based on the social media platform and on your industry.

            1. On Facebook, I have been sharing

                • New Content – 1x week
                • Old content – 2x day
                • Other’s content – 3 – 6x day

            1. On Twitter, I have been sharing

                • New Content – 1x week
                • Old content – 2x day
                • Other’s content – 3 – 6x day

        • Note: It is highly recommended that you manually add status updates. You don’t want to seem like you’re on auto pilot ALL the time, EVERY single day.

    1. SEO on Page: – SEO for website is important for every website. As a blogger, it’s ESSENTIAL to do, that critical extra step and SEO each blog.

        • I became aware of this while reading influencers and authorities. Once I determined, that indeed I needed to add SEO on page, I research a variety of plugins. I previewed several, before settling on WordPress SEO by Yoast.

    1. Building a community: –  Creating relationship gives you an extra added advantage. Working with other bloggers to create synergy around each others blogs. Share their content, comment on their blogs, respond to your blog’s commenters, have guests on your blogs, have guest bloggers, do interviews. In my research, I saw this time and time again. Honestly I really had a hard time making sense of this, of how to accomplish this. I am reading the book Content Warfare by XXXX – in that he talks about finding your TRUE FANS. I call these you’re SHOUTING, RAVING FANS. Those that time and time again support you, by sharing your content, commenting on your content and liking your content. A N D, it takes A W H I L E to grow these fans. I have a few, but I am still growing this. What I am doing in the mean time:

        • Find a community: I decided to find communities, that I could be part of.  I searched for a place that had a hub.

            1. MyBlogU, crowd-source your content, collaborate with other bloggers and grow relationships that are mutually beneficial. 8 of 15 blogs I have written in the 1st quarter of the year where content that I collaborate with other bloggers from the MyBlogU community. A few of these blogs have gone on to be my top blogs in pageviews and visits because of these collaborations.
            1. Business Over Coffee International (BOCI), a Blogging Platform. I have been a part of BOCI for 4 years now, the CEO & Founder, Sherri Henley is a long time friend of mine. Recently she moved to a new platform for this website and invited me to be her Blog Coordinator. We are now ready to expand and are open for guest blogger participation. Find out the details and the Blogging Guidelines here.

        • Commenting: I enjoy commenting on other blogs and have been trying to attend this on a regular basis. In the 1st quarter I have seen traffic from 10 websites/blogs I have commented on.



What happened:

Traffic sources and Sessions in First Quarter 2015

GA 1st quarter 2015 Sessions GA 1st quarter Traffic sources

    • Referral origins were my highest traffic source at 595.

        • Facebook – 108 pageviews from this source.
        • Surprisingly, a comment I made on a Lifehacker blog in 2014 generated my highest Referral source at 71 sessions.
        • The next highest from one source was at 71 sessions. When sees a new blog, post it to you’re social media platforms. This ran only from Feb 23rd to Mar 26th. I turned it off, because it was indiscriminately posting anything new. I had a few posts during that time that were targeted at specific group and I didn’t want it going in the social media channels. I will be researching this further, with an eye of turning it back on.
        • My newsletters generated 32 pageviews.
        • Comments – 28 pageviews from a variety of sources
        • Twitter – generated 18 pageviews – I was really disappointed in this number, considering how much my followers have increased on Twitter.

    • Organic Searches were my second largest at 495.

        • Of 2270 impressions, 1170 of these are on a blog about Facebook, I wrote in Sep 2013.
        • I am little gratified and frustrated here. What’s bad or frustrating it’s not one of my main topics. I would be happy if they were clicking and viewing other blogs or other parts of my website. That’s not happening with a 96.1% drop-off rate for this one blog.

    • Followers

        • Facebook – by the end of the quarter I met the goal of 250 business page likes.
        • Twitter went from less than 100 followers, to 169.
        • Linkedin – by end of quarter 420+
        • Pinterest by end of quarter 350+
        • Google+ – Mmm, I overlooked doing this and I am out of time. Next month.



What’s next?

    • On my website, a description of services is missing. This is the #1 goal for the 2nd quarter and it’s already half over.
    • I concerned that I am blogging on to many topics on Custom Growth Group. Research says, pick a few topics and write about them exclusively. I will be reviewing this and making a decision whether to start a personal/author website and breaking off my Goal setting into another website.
    • Increase commenting 2 – 5 a week.
    • Guest blogging – stick to my 1 a month plan.
    • Long tail keywords – continue to use them in my blogs, slideshares and to create new products.
    • Listen for my keywords on websites.
    • Linkedin Published pages – use this once a week to feature previous blog post.
    • Keeping people on my website is another important activity that I want to understand. This goes directly to what I do – working with my clients to get and keep customers.




The 1st quarter of 2015 kicked off ‘getting serious’ with monetizing my website. Up to this point my first attempts at monetizing have mostly been affiliates I support, through my newsletter and several blogs.

What I am doing now:

For the 1st quarter I worked with main two methods of monetizing:

I. Affiliate links & products endorsement/mentions

II. Adverts – added: these were added mid to late in quarter

    • Amazon ad carousel
    • Amazon banner

Several of these affiliates had a few impressions/clicks for the first quarter, hopefully, a promising start.


What I am adding next:

I. Google Adsense
II. Amazon WordPress Plugin
III. Coaches


    1. At the end of the first quarter, I added a Amazon ad carousel on my website. Which has led to one of the issues I am wrestling with at the moment. What are the smartest options in the multitude choices? And there are many.

        • Advantage – when I use an affiliate created by Azon, an item in a cart stays active for 30 days, including anything else they put into the cart.
        • Disadvantage – at times I want a category, which has multiple items, with Azon there is no way to create a carousel of those.
        • I think ultimately the cart advantage will way out. I want to test this, using a guideline for structure and control.

    1. The next item I am adding for the 2nd quarter is Google Adsense.

        • Search box
        • Adverts

    1. Lastly, I have been working with mentors, coaches and attending conferences, seminars, webinars & workshops this year to assist in areas I need expertise. Also, I am hunting for a couple of new coaches to work with. I will let you know what I did end of next quarter.

Here are those to-date.

Conference, Seminars, Webinars and Workshops.

Whew. Wow!

When I put this on my editorial calendar, I was thinking, ‘Ah this will be a quick write.’ HA! No. I underestimated the time involved. It took two weeks, which resulted in missed blog for the month of May 2015.

Which brought me to the realization that I should plan blogs for times such as this. Blog ready to post. Blogs with evergreen content, valid no matter when I wrote it.

This has been and will continue to be a learning experience for me. I will continue to do my research finding best practices and implementing them in a time period that works for my schedule. Hopefully, the information here is instrumental in your research. Additionally, I am open to suggestions with concrete directions.



What is your best tip for increasing traffic or monetizing a website?

Take time to live a life that inspires you~