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Traffic and Income Report 3rd Quarter 2015

3rd 2015 traffic and income

3rd 2015 traffic and income

I have wrestled with doing this traffic and income report for the 3rd quarter of 2015. The main reason are the changes in Google Dashboard. They are confusing me and I haven’t had time to figure them out. I’m also struggling in a few other areas. I don’t feel like I am attracting the type of audience, I want for my website. And on top of that, at this writing, I am still not earning income from my website – I’m not complaining… too much… because as I said I am not reaching the right audience at this time.


All that said, these blogs are about transparency. Writing down the steps I am taking, helps me to have a clearer picture of what to concentrate on. I know if I go back to the 2 previous quarter reports, many of the items from ‘What’s Next?’ section, have most likely been accomplished or I am currently working on them. Yet I know there are some items that aren’t done yet.  It is all a work in progress. In actual fact, it should never be done and forgotten.  There should never be a finite point that you consider it done, unless you are retiring.





northern lights

In my latest newsletter, I was talking of my husband and I’s near future retirement. Spending more quality time together is my goal. Next year Robert and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We are excited and can’t wait for our 30th anniversary trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights. Our ages put semi-retirement within the next decade and a half. As I mentioned in my newsletter, my goal is to be earning income through the website. Being able to work from anywhere we happen to be is an achievable end result. I have to do the due diligence to get everything to that point. Do check out the rest of the article and the great tips in it.

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  1. Setting the Baseline – What I did the previous time period
  2. Making Strides? – What I did this quarter
  3. What Happened – What didn’t work or needs tweaking
  4. What’s Next? – Identify trouble areas and new areas to make changes

Setting Baseline

  • recap goals from previous quarter
  • traffic from previous quarter
  • sales from previous quarter

From my 2nd quarter traffic report –

These were the traffic goals I set for the 3rd quarter:

  • Struggling with how to watch, keep up with and analyze my money making efforts.
  • Finalize and upload slideshare to website.
  • Gallery – alongside the slideshare, I want to finish up the slide gallery that is on my home page. This will also reference what I do.
  • Research and implement other ideas for targeting keywords. In particular find blogs in a timely manner, that i can comment on.
  • Create a spreadsheet and track commenting until the end of the year; first of 2016 review how this went.
  • Guest blogging – add 1 blog a month that is what I do business.
  • Research for a way to determine ROI on Linkedin.
  • Research how to keep people on my website.

These were the monetizing goals I set for the 3rd quarter:

  • Learn more about Affiliate Networks, like ClickBank, Linkshare, Share-a-Sale, Link Vehicle.
  • Find more affiliates I am interested in supporting.
  • Add analytics to new and existing URL link. This will go back to tracking.
  • Finish setting up my Resource page and publish it.
  • Add Google Adsense ad boxes? one in right sidebar above fold, 2 in blog post.
    • Research on how best to add the 2 inside the blog post. I have questions. For example, is there a way to automate this. Do I have to put it in every blog post or can I have it coded in php or htaccess. What are my options, what is the easiest.
    • Also would like to research refining my google ads so they are more targeted to my audience.
  • Also will be looking at other options for creating a income stream via my website. i.e. products, coaching services.

2nd quarter traffic images:


2nd quarter sales numbers:

No sales in the previous quarter.

Making Strides – the statistics

  • Spreadsheet of Affiliates – updated.
  • My Services Slideshare – work in progress.
  • Comments -13 blogs commented on.
  • Guest Blogging – 2 articles.
  • Stats for Money Making – no advance on a spreadsheet for this.
  • Google Alerts – 11 alerts set up.
  • ROI on Linkedin – work in progress.
  • Keeping people on website – no research done on this.
  • Affiliate Networks – a work in progress.
  • Resource page – work in progress.
  • Add analytics to links – no progress.
  • Google Adsense -Sidebar added.
  • Offer my products/services via website – no advancement


3rd quarter traffic images:

Early this quarter I was finding a lot of bogus traffic coming to the website from robots. At the beginning of Sept, I had a conversation with the business that host my website, FlyWheel. They began to look into the bogus information. As results you can see that the numbers went down significantly. When I looked at my Direct & Referral traffic I was seeing nothing from my usual referral sources, it’s all bots.

Also, if you look at page views – the 2nd image, the time spent on a page is significantly different that the time in session. I have never been an authority on SEO and Analytics, much of this has always been confusing.

All in all this makes me just want to ignore Google.



time on pages




What Happened

  • Spreadsheet for Affiliates – Earlier this year I created it, more recently I have added links to the dashboards for my affiliates. At this time this is the method I am using to monitor my income. I hope to adopted a service or a plugin that helps monitor this. Most likely it would be a paid service that at this time I do not have income to spare for.
  • My Services Slideshare – after some testing, it was obvious I needed to break up my slideshare into smaller bites, I am approx ⅓ – ½ way through this procedure.
  • Home Page Gallery – All images with word content is up – still waiting for the finalization of the Service page to link individual slides.
  • Tracking Comments – I started a spreadsheet to keep up with comments. I found I wasn’t consistent. Early Aug, I located a Chrome Extension ‘Comment Save’ that has helped me with this enormously.
  • Finding Blogs to comment on; using Google Alerts as a tool – In the previous quarter I identified that searching for blogs to comment on would be a potentially good way to move traffic to my website. I started with 4 topics that I identified as subjects I wanted to research – business growth, customer relationship, to-do list, goal setting. Later I added 5 alerts for my vendor & sponsorship list. These I had the most positive results from.
  • Finding Blogs to comment on;  using a Reader – Netvibes – One of the goals is to create a community that I read and comment on. Adding these bloggers to ‘a blog reader’ that shows their latest blog post has gone farther to find relevant topics to post on. It also has the added advantage of growing relationships with these bloggers.
  • Holiday Season – Mid quarter I realized I should have added preparing for the holiday season to 3rd quarter goals. With my previous business model, Holiday cards and gifts have been my largest income quarter. This area breaks down it to several sub-marketing areas – a holiday page on the website, a print greeting card campaign, business cards for holidays, my actual holiday campaigns. Yes I practice what I talk about.
  • Business card – late quarter I realized I was running out of business cards. The reason I am including them, is that they were designed & printed at the beginning of my new business remodel. In my business remodel defining my pain points not only affect offline business, but the changes have been reflected on website. Since I have refined my pain points and marketing talk, I needed them updated. They are ordered.
  • Sharing blog post; an update – Previously I talked posting new and old blog post automatically, with Buffer and Nextscripts respectively. Buffer can handle new blog post and Nextscript handled old post. Yet there were limitations. I love that Buffer gives me analytics on what I share, yet I was unable to share an old blog post automatically. Nextscripts shared the old post, but had no analytics. Late August I found a new (to me) plugin, Buffer My Post that adds old blog post to Buffer.
  • Affiliate Networks – I can not remember what I have done, no logs kept.
  • New Affiliates – I am in the process of identifying new affiliates – recents additions are Customizr & FlyWheel.
  • Resource page has been published since end of March, 2015. It is a work in progress as I find affiliates to support.
  • Add analytics to links – no progress.
  • Google Adsense -The sidebar was added early quarter. After more research I decided that I did not want to add adsense inside blogs at this time. I am still trying to determine the ratio of content for the audience and for me.
  • Offer my products/services via website – no advancement.


What’s Next

  • Priority is getting the holiday season items handled.
  • Finish up the service page with the modified slideshare and add links to the home page gallery.
  • Next year, end of 2nd quarter 2016 – Add a holiday image to the home page gallery for holiday cards. 
  • ROI on all social media and website – review.
  • Identify specific target markets, i.e. Case Studies:Trades -Plumbers and/or B2B – CPA/Accountants, that I plan targeted articles for.  Write one article a month for my target audiences.
  • Research keeping people on website – read 1 article per week, keep a log.
  • Revisit these in 1st quarter of 2016 – Amazon, add analytics to links, my products/services to website. managing affiliates, adsense inside blogs, Linkedin published pages,


As I am going into my busy season, I am keeping goals for this final quarter of 2015 short.