We are on Vacation – Cancun 2014

Hola! Take a Deep Breath

I am writing to you for beach side in Cancun, where I am spending time with my wonderful husband and best friend, Robert Davis. I had hoped to have a special blog for you today, but it didn’t happen. I am going to keep this short, since my husband is patiently waiting on me.

The first two days were rough, it has taken a little getting use to the culture and the hotel is not all we could hope for.  Though it was challenging the first 2 days. Today has been great. I will be adding photos from our vacation.

I want to leave you with a though. Dealing with challenges is part of our life, whether pleasure, everyday or business situations. I’m still learning to look at the challenge presented and make the best of it. Something as simple as getting a bag of ice at the nearby mini-market can be a challenge.

Just take a deep breath,

then again and

plunge in!


Tell me about a time where you faced a challenge, that made you want to just hide in your room. How did you ultimately faced it?