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What is your DRAMA? Manifest the Dynamic Person you are by being Receptive.

Powerful women
Dr. Mae Jemison, 1st African American women to become an astronaut.
“Rosie the Riveter” after the iconic figure of a strong female war production worker.
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman from the 1970s series

Women have astonishing strengths. Manifesting that strength is truly amazing to see. Yet the one area that women typical avoid, is being receptive. Receptiveness in the form of the willingness or readiness to receive. Often they go as far as to undermine their own power.

As much as we struggle with being receptive, the opposite is easy for us. We easily give to others. When we see someone hurting or in trouble, we are the first to lend a helping hand. We empathize and sympathize with their situation. Offering that proverbial shoulder to cry on.  And often we are the placater, not only at home but in the work arena.

As women, we often put everyone else before ourselves, often to the determinant of our own health. Otherwise, we would be selfish, right?

That would be a resounding NO!


At times it feels like it is program into us, we have to help others first.  Almost like a mantra. And when we think about doing something that is for ourself; we feel ungenerous.  We feel we are not fulfilling a predetermined image of what we should be, of how we should look and of what we should do.

I say, ‘Throw It Out’, embrace that self-indulgence. It is time that we are receptive to our own comfort, want, needs and desires. Embrace It!  Rejuvenate yourself; give yourself a luxury; energize yourself. Bring forth that Dynamic woman that you are.

There is positivity in being receptive. Opening yourself to a willingness or readiness to receive will help you develop a more Dynamic Rejuvenated women. Not because you are self-absorbed, but from the knowledge that helping yourself first, gives you more control and energy to help others. Think about what the airline steward tells you, ‘If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person’. Source: Air Odessy, Inflight Passenger Announcements,, (accessed 2/16/14). Otherwise, you would pass out when the cabin lost pressure. Assuring that you were unable to help yourself, much less anyone around you. Sometimes it is smart to be a little selfish.

Humankind has always struggled with change, it is necessary but never a snap to do. When it comes to breaking out of a constant helping mode for women it is extremely hard. That mantra I mentioned, it has been there for women since the dawn of man. We don’t only have to deal with our past experiences that turned us into the women we are today, but we have to deal with history.

I am a firm believer that people can change. As previously blogged before, we have to make the decision for ourselves. There is really nothing or no one that can make that decision for us.  Once you make the decision to change, to being open to receive. Then you are on the road to change.

OK! I’ve made the decision I want to change. What do I do now?

Today we can get started on fixing your DRAMA.

Define your problem – look at what you have been doing?  Define in detail what is happening.
Reveal – delve into why you are doing this, reveal this source.
Approach – scrutinize what change is needed to bring about the resolution you wish
Momentum – it is time to recharge, relearn & energize yourself, with the momentum to move you towards your new goal.
Action – what is your 1st step to making that change.

Lastly, review and repeat this process often, until the change is complete.

This is a simple start. Contact me for more on the No More Drama Workshop – be the change you want to be. Also, there are some really great resources out there to help you with being receptive. Make change one of your goals.

What resources you ask? Check out my email newsletter that comes out the first of each month. I will be including some of my favorite resources. Not getting Custom Growth Groups email newsletter, no problem here is how to get it.

First, let’s brainstorm ideas of what and how you can receive.

Receptiveness is defined as the willingness:
a. receive new knowledge – books, mentors, workshop, seminars, webinars.
b. receive help from others, asking for help and guidance.
c. receive what you deserve, whether it is asking for the sale, more money, a better position, more time for yourself.

a. Receiving new ideas as in knowledge. This seems so simple, but I am astounded at the number of people, not just women that do not take advantage of this. I asked this the other day, ‘What do you do when you don’t know how to do something?’ Their response was, ‘I ask someone or I get a book.’ Both are good answers, but they overlooked one of the best resources we have nowadays. Your computer and the Internet, a web search is one of the most powerful resources now of days.

b. Receiving help from others. Letting others help and guide you is a powerful resource. Here it is sometimes a simple case of ask. Ask the universe, ask friends, ask your trusted advisers. People are not adverse to giving advice. It’s not always free, but you have to determine your need. Can I find enough free help or is my question more involved. Do be in the mode to pay people for their services, especially if it service type industry.

c. Receiving what you deserve. Do you hold back?  Do you let things pass you by? Are you asking for what you deserve? Women are hard on themselves. Especially when it comes to our careers, our passions and or our personal life. Women find it hard to ask for themselves. Especially when money is involved. You are worth it. You have the smarts, the knowledge, the skill, the passion to be a Dynamic woman and a Dynamic women ask for what she deserves.  She doesn’t question that she deserves it. So know.. I mean KNOW YOU DESERVE IT.


It is amazing to me, I did not realize how passionate I was about this topic. Not until I started writing it. I know all these things, but I still have to remind myself. Need others to remind me. You might know these things. And I hope today, I gave you a kick in the butt, a surge of energy, a renewed goal to work for. I hope that this topic gave you, whatever you needed. I would love to hear what you needed from it? What did it remind you that you positively, absolutely needed to do as a Dynamic woman?

Until next time.
Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.