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women bloggers

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Previously I wrote about one of my favorite women bloggers, Amy Lynn Andrews.  As I have grown as a business person, blogger, author & speaker, I attribute this to finding experts to emulate and learn from. Being a women in business has it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages, therefore I scour the internet for women bloggers (and men) with similarities to my situation.


women bloggers

I asked several people to tell me who their favorite women bloggers were and why. Here are the women they recommend:


My first guest, Maxwell Ivey, The Blind Blogger and I met through MyBlogU, here are his recommendations:


Number one is Adrienne Smith at She has taught me so much about blogging and the value of blog commenting as a way of building a community of bloggers who will help and support you and whom you help and support in return. she is all about relationship marketing.

Next is Kerry Kinewsi. She is a blind author and blogger and an aspiring travel blogger. I have had the pleasure of introducing her to people around the net and she inspires me with her ability to open up to the public more and more every day. It takes real courage to put your writing out there every day or week. She writes fiction, in addition to sharing her personal experiences.

This to me, is much tougher than blogging about my life. Her site is,

I could mention many more, as it seems more bloggers are women. At least most I seem to run into are bloggers.

good luck, max


Indeed, a multitude of Women Bloggers write in the areas of Sports/Health, Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion, Food and Mommy blogs. These types of bloggers will on occasion, mix business style blogging into their blogs.  Yet I find that few women bloggers focus their blogs largely on business. Therefore I am on a continual hunt for women similar to me.


My next guest, David Leonhardt, of The Happy Guy Writing Services and I also meet through, MyBlogU, here are his recommendations.

Gail Gardner (a.k.a. GrowMap) has been doing long-form blogging before long-form was cool.  For many years I followed the GrowMap blog at just as a reader.  It was among a couple dozen blogs that I frequented somewhat regular basis, because there was always plenty of useful information, ideas and resources spanning a wide variety of online marketing topics.

A couple years ago I got to know Gail, personally, discovering that she is a generous, outgoing person who shares with me a common trait – that of being a connector, bringing people together and networking.

I chose Gail as one of the two women business bloggers to highlight because I respect her for both who she is and what she writes.


Ileane Smith is possibly the first woman blogger, I started following too many years ago to count and the first I got to know across social media and contributing to her blog way back when.  She blogs at dispensing very practical advice specific to blogging, but I think I first came to appreciate her through her blog at .

Blogs dispensing blogging advice are now a dime a dozen – you really need to be clever and resourceful to rise above the pack.  Ileane has been blogging on blogging since before there was a pack, and she is still one of the few bloggers I make a point of paying attention to on a somewhat regular basis.

I chose Ileane as one of the two women business bloggers to highlight because I she has kept my attention longer than any other and hasn’t compromised her quality over the years .

She is also one of my “children” on Tsu:  (gotta mention that!).



Now it’s my turn, here are my recommendations:

Ann Smarty has to be my first mention. The difference her communities have made in my communities has been astounding. Ann has countless fingers in a various pies, 12 by my last count. Today I will only focus on 2. MyBlogU was my first introduction to Ann. This community has largely been, what has doubled, even tripled my pageviews and followers since I joined in late 2014.

As for blogs I have caught up with Ann in numerous and different places. Most recently on, Entreprenuers & Social Media Examiner, to name a few. Her blogs never fail to inspire, educate and/or entertain. Check out her personal page it links to all her outside Guest Blogging.


My 2nd recommendation is Shawn Karol Sandy of The Selling Agency. I met Shawn a couple of years ago through a local networking group that we belong to.

I’ve only recently come to know her well. This is one ’Punch you in the Gut’ women, who cuts through the fog to focus you. In her Strategy Group Sessions, she works with new and established business -to identify what you do, who you do for and telling it in a way that people ask ‘How do you do that?’ I just finished the session, whereas I was working on rebranding myself and my business.

Her articles are one of those blogs, that are worth hunting for. They are on point, well-written and focus on business success.

If you are out and about in the real world selling your product and/or services, following Shawn is the first step in the right direction.

That’s it for this time. I hope to feature other bloggers both men & women in near future.



To recommend a blogger, drop me a line or comment below.

Until next time,
Take time to live a life that inspires you!

8 thoughts on “Women Blogger Spotlight

  1. Hi Gina,

    Thank you for reaching out to these awesome guys and asking their opinions. I’m truly touched to see my name on this list and that Max mentioned me. I’m actually the one honored to know him. He’s been such an inspiration for me as well.

    I’m actually familiar with all these ladies except Shawn. Oh and I know David too so I’m batting almost 100 here.

    This is such a great idea and thank you for including who you recommend as well.

    Great post and thanks again.


    1. Hi Adrienne S,

      Appreciate you stopping by. I have a good friend whose name is also Adrienne, she is authoring an article as a guest poster here later this month.

      I love to get other peoples opinion and Max was a great resource.

      Looking forward to getting to know everyone better.

      Glad you enjoyed post, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Gina,
    Great idea for you to honor Women Bloggers this way. I’m extremely proud to be mentioned by David here and for all of his kind words!

    I’ll be sure to share this!

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ileane,

      I am so glad you stopped by.

      There have been times I have felt like I was the only woman blogger out there, especially when time and time again when searching for content the author would be male. Don’t get me wrong there are some really great awesome men bloggers out there. I just wanted to give women a moment to shine.

  3. Hello Gina,

    It is great to meet you via your blog. David is so kind to mention me. Ileane, David and I have all been collaborating for over five years – some of us for seven now.

    I’d love to have you write something for if you can make the time and have an interest. Perhaps you could share your tips on following up. That is the area I see many still struggle to implement.

    I noticed you have Twitter cards set up correctly, but the Twitter card validator indicates your site isn’t currently whitelisted. Sometimes an error loading can cause that. Just search for Twitter card validator and resubmit to correct it. In the meantime, I’ve shared your post on Twitter and added the image manually so I could pin it to my profile for now.

    1. Hi Gail,

      I have been looking forward to having a conversation. First thanks for stopping by.

      I looked over GrowMap and have been excited to get back out there again. I would love to write a post on Follow Up for you.

      Thanks for the tips, I am still learning about WordPress, running a blog, plus running my own business. I love it all, though there are times (when my site was hacked) that it can be frustrating.

      I will definitely put the Twitter card validator on my Website to-do list. Whew To-do list keep me straight.

      Look forward to our next conversation.

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