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Your Customers Deserve Your Gratitude

customers deserve your gratitude

The last quarter of the year is a highly stressful time of year. Between Fall festivals and Halloween to that New Year party, we jam pack activities into a short period of time. Often resulting in losing sight of the more important aspect of this time of year.

Indeed it is the same for me. Yet, I have the added measure that my business slowly begins building up steam as the season unfolds. By early December, the engine is wide open,  steam billowing out in ever growing clouds, with an increasingly loud ROAR. It typically doesn’t slow down until mid-January.


customers deserve your gratitude


Even with the numerous and varied events happening, I still want to carve out time for showing my gratitude. Because early on, I learned that expressing gratitude should be our main focus at this time of year. Yes, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but STOP for a minute and let’s remember why we show gratitude at this time of year.


Your business customers deserve your gratitude

outside the box



I like to do and think outside of the box. As long as my intention is there – it is better to try and fail, then fail to try.. or as quoted by Yoda, Shatterpoint (A Star Wars Saga Novel).

“If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play”

Too often people have their heads down, plowing along and not looking up to even realize that the path they need to take is in the other direction.

Here are several items that will put you on the correct path.  Whether these ideas are new to you or just a reminder, each is an easy, actionable item to balance your business or life. I’ve participated a few of these, others I pulled from friends, associates and clients.




Gratitude challenge:

Every year I like to participate in a Gratitude Challenge. Taking this challenge a couple times to several times a year will keep you grounded and focussed on developing a life that practices gratitude. Why should you do that? Continue reading.

  • 30 gratitude challenge – Every day, select a person to mail – I like greeting cards, a heartfelt message of appreciation or thanks. For details – Read ’30 Days to grow your Important Relationships’.
  • Alternative gratitude challenge – My friend Wyvonia Woods Harris is the Social Media Queen of Appreciation. She does a variety of 30 day challenges via social media. Check out these examples. The two on the left are from the beginning of her first and second gratitude challenge, the third is her current challenge.
 Wy Gratitude Day 5 Fb
 Wy Gratitude Day 10 Fb WyWaysofWellness Day 18 Fb





Business Family Gratitude:

Even though, this time of year, mainly focuses on the family. I would encourage you to keep your business family in your gratitude – employees and your clients.

At this time of year, I recognize my business family as the essential reason why I am in business. In particular thinking of our clients and finding ways to show appreciation for them is my main intention. My focus for this section is our clients.

2014 Thanksgiving front


Thanksgiving Appreciation Card – Sending a thank you card when you acquire a customer is vital. Yet what of your established clients that have done business with you multiple times. Build that relationship by sending them a card of appreciation at the holidays. For more details – Read ‘Business Owners Beware: Not Keeping in Touch with Customers? You might be in trouble.”

SpooktacularCustomer Appreciation Day – Really doesn’t matter if you are ‘brick and mortar’, ‘work from home’ or ‘an online business’ showing appreciation to your clients is imperative. There are myriad of inventive ways to show your customers that you appreciate them. Custom Growth Group works with their clients to find effective ways to build relationship that turn your clients into LifeLong Patrons.

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Express Gratitude:

This section is for you. Choosing to express what you are grateful for, will garner positive results. If you are unable to discern what you are grateful for, expressing gratitude to others ultimately will be difficult and false. Start with yourself, grow and step out of your box.

  • Thanksgiving tradition – Families that take time at Thanksgiving to express their gratitude for things in their life. Has your family followed this tradition. Do you have a unique twist on this tradition? Let us know.
  • Happify – Last year, while looking for a ‘real’ productive way to fill empty time, I found Happify. It accomplished my goals of being productive, beneficial and fun! The benefits are numerous and with the mixture of free and premium options -they call them tracks, it was a no brainer. Check out this free track concerning -expressing gratitude.
  • Journaling – Write 5 ways that you are grateful, once a week/day. I can’t remember who this originated from – most likely a speaker from one of the seminars and webinars, that I often listen to and/or watch. That person spoke of recounting your (five) successes for the day.


As the season unfolds I know you be busy with family and maybe with your business. Don’t neglect your business clients at this time of year. Sending a card, along with an optional gift of gourmet food or the latest book is never wrong. Don’t worry, the traffic will not delay you because it won’t be a problem at all. Custom Growth Group uses SendOutCards to take care of both family and clients during this holiday season. The best part, I can send out cards and gifts, in the comfort of my home, in my cat pajamas with a hot cup of cocoa. I don’t have to anything else but click, ‘Send’; because every card & gift is beautifully packaged and delivered to my family and clients.  No fuss. No muss. Receive your complimentary session with 2 free greeting cards.

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Tell everyone how you like to express your gratitude.  What are the long standing traditions you or your family participate in every year? Do you have a unique twist to express gratitude? Or maybe you never thought of expressing gratitude. Why not start your own tradition.


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  1. Thank you Gina because from you I learned and practice inspired gratitude. I am in awe of how saying “thank you for love, joy and peace to my community of wonderful family and friends gives off healing vibrations and warm words of wisdom.” To you I give inspired gratitude for getting me out of the box regarding social media and blogging. #WysWaysofWellness

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